Jl. Raya Merdeka,  Kp. Cilongok,  RT005 RW003,  Desa Sukamantri,
Pasarkemis,  Tangerang,  Banten 15560,  INDONESIA
Phone: (62-21) 59000 58 (Hunting)


I  N T R O D U C T I O N


HYDRORAYA ADHI PERKASA is a company whose main business is steel design, and fabrication.

With our expertise in system design, installation, start-up and maintenance combined with reliable service and technical backup,

we deliver results that meet our customer’s needs and requirements.

Our application–oriented approach helps us to understand our customers’ needs better. Combined with Quality Assurance system,

enable us to offer unique solutions, quality products and services.

Our clients range from chemical and petrochemical, construction, agricultural, mining, food & beverage and water & waste water treatment.

One of our goals in Hydroraya is to make sure our clients that we can fulfill all their steel needs. We aim to stay this way.

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C  A P A B I L I T I E S  :


T A N K S  &  V E S S E L S

TANKS : API 650 tanks, Underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks,

silos, single and double wall tanks, skid tanks, saddle supported,

buffer tanks, water and fuel tanks,

Pressure Vessel : Pressure vessels, expansion tank, air receivers, process tanks, etc.

Hot  tanks : Hot Water, Calorifier,….


P I P E   W O R K

Jacketed & Insulated pipe work,

High pressure & steam pipe work,

Sanitary pipe work.



M O D U L A R  U N I T

Mixers (screw, ribbon,…),

Conveyors (screw, belt….),

skid modules and packages,

pontoon, floats, structures.


S P E C I A L  D E S I G N  U N I T

Clarifier Scrapers, Production equipments, Mixed Bed exchanger, RO, …

We have the ability to work with many steel grades that will suit your requirements:

Carbon steel (SA-516-70, SA-36, SA-285-C, etc)

Stainless steel (Grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 309, etc.)

Cast Iron, cast steel & aluminum

We deliver complete works / projects including design, shop fabricated, shipment, field installation, painting, inspection and testing.

And most importantly, together with above capabilities, we have maintained on-time delivery with an outstanding safety record. 



We have 2 workshops located at Pasarkemis Industrial Estate, Tangerang.

Our fabrication facilities and experienced professional staffs make us unique to furnish material,

fabricate and delivery wide variety of shop-fabricated and site-erected works.

C O D E S   C O M P L I A N C E

In engineering, Codes and Standards are a must-do in order to attain quality and safety.

Together with local standard, we can assure you that our works are conform to ASME, ANSI & API or any other standards.


E N G I N E E R I N G  S O F T W A R E  &  D R A F T I N G

Complete technical services are available through competent engineering staffs that work in accordance with the latest applicable codes and standards.

COMPRESS by Codeware – is an engineering design software for pressure vessels and heat exchangers referring to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code.

AMETank  by Technosoft – is an engineering design software solution for Storage Tanks referring to API 650 standard

SOLIDWORK by Dassault Systemes – is an engineering software for solid modelling, drafting and analysis 

AUTOCAD  by Autodesk – is an engineering software for CAD drafting



Chemical and Petrochemical Production


Agricultural & Mining

Food & Beverage Processing

Water & waste water treatment



O U R   C O M M I T M E N T

“Solid partners, Unique Solutions” Hydroraya Adhi Perkasa has committed to contribute by anticipating and meeting customers needs and industries by offering quality products and services.

Our clients and people are our most valuable assets. With this mission underlying every service we provide, we have built and maintained long term good relationship with our clients.


 P R O F I L E S

Name of the Company : PT. Hydroraya Adhi Perkasa

Office : Jl. Raya Merdeka, Kp. Cilongok, RT.005 / RW.003, Desa Sukamantri,

Pasarkemis, Tangerang,  Banten 15560, INDONESIA

Phone: (021) 5900058 (Hunting)


is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14000:2015, company whose main business is steel design and fabrication. With our expertise in system design, installation, start-up and maintenance combined with reliable services and technical backup, we deliver results that meet our customer’s needs and requirements.


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    (62-21) 59 000 58

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    Product : marketing@hydroraya.co.id
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